hi, hello, bonjour, hola. i'm ashley. i'm twenty two. i'm kind of gay. i work at a bagel shop. i like naked women, sometimes naked men too, and music. i swear to much and talk like a valley girl. i'm kind of nice, but i'm an asshole 75% of the time. i enjoy watching movies and watching tv shows. hi.
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Clones + their nicknames- Helena

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CS AU Week: Day 3 (Emma is corrupted by her magic)

She dresses herself in silvers and whites. It is an attempt at purity or her way of laughing at it, she’s not quite sure.

Somedays she is convinced she is doing the right thing, that her magic is the only thing standing in between her kingdom and evil, that the price of her humanity is worth it. Other days, she embraces her role, The Corrupted One, they call her and she takes great joy in proving them right. She finds herself heroes, men and women of unadulterated goodness and she changes them, makes them like herself. She wants to show these people that goodness and virtue are things of myth and have no place here in this world of magic and cruelty.

Then one day, she finds him. He comes to her court with a reckless sort of swagger, like staying alive is the least of his concerns. He is gorgeous and she has been craving a new toy so she asks him to stay. They enjoy each other for a while (he is quite adept at using that hook of his) but soon, things change.

He sees her.

He sees Emma Swan, lost girl, broken woman and it scares her more than anything that he will bring her back.

(Somewhere deep down, she is more afraid that she might corrupt him too.)

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CS AU Week: Day 4 — Cursed!Killian or Cursed!Emma
Killian comes over with the original curse and Emma meets him when she first gets to Storybrooke; by him dedicating a song to her.

Emma followed Ruby through the dimly lit bar, dodging her way past the people around her. She had only been in Storybrooke for a few days, but after a particularly stressful day at the station which led to her dragging her exhausted self down the street to Granny’s for a bite to eat and a drink (or two), Ruby to her they needed to have a “girls night out” to help take her mind off it.

She didn’t have a say in whether or not she was going.

They finally found an empty table at the back and Emma took a seat on the stool, sighing finally as she could relax her feet that were already aching. Maybe the heels weren’t the best idea. Ruby signaled over the waiter and ordered a round of drinks, before leaning forward on the table and giving Emma a smile.

“So, have you seen any guys around town that you’re interested in?”

Way to get straight to the point.

Emma’s head whipped towards the brunette sitting across from her that was wearing a wolfish grin and her eyes widened as she did. “Oh um…  no I haven’t. Haven’t really been looking. I mean, Graham’s great and all but he’s got some weird thing going on with Regina. And she hates me enough as it is, so that’s not even an option. Plus, I’m more of a… one night and call it good kind of girl. Which doesn’t really work in towns this small.”

“Well if you see anyone, you let me know. Because honestly Emma; you need it.” Ruby jumped off her stool and straightened out her dress, grabbing her clutch off the table. “I’m going to run to the ladies room, you keep looking. Trust me; we’ve got some nice looking men in this town. You’re sure to find someone.”

“Ruby I really don’t-“

“Yes, you do,” Ruby said with a knowing tilt of her head. “So look. I’ll be right back.”

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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*lgbt representation in orphan black*~✧』

"as a scientist i know that sexuality is a… is a spectrum. but you know, social biases they, they codify attraction… that’s contrary to the biological facts"

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King’s favourites are Helena and Rachel.

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The Hunger Games Soundtrack | Insp.
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